The Platform Broadband@Sea origins from a project which was started in 2007. The goal of this project was to do research on the competitive advantage Dutch ship-owners could gain from investing in cutting edge broadband solutions. During this project a cost comparison was made between several VSAT products (from different VSAT suppliers) and existing satellite communication technologies. To enhance the outcome of the research, shipping owners participated in conducting satellite communication trials on-board several vessels.

After the project was finished, the project partners recognized the importance of transparency and exchanging knowledge on this topic, which led to the start of the Platform Broadband@Sea in 2010.


Structure, aims and activities

Today Platform Broadband@Sea consists of 15 ship-owners and 19 suppliers and can be considered as an integrated partnership of various organisations and acts as consortium. The overall organisation and coordination of the Platform Broadband@Sea is done by Netherlands Maritime Technology, the Dutch association for shipyards, maritime suppliers and service providers.

The subject of ship to shore interaction and the growing importance of data and communication is of great importance to the platform members. The main goal of the Platform Broadband@Sea is to exchange knowledge and start projects in this field. This is done by:

  • Annual meetings (twice a year) in which knowledge, experiences and market developments are interchanged between ship-owners and suppliers.
  • Substantive contribution to publications, seminars and conferences (such as the Maritime CIO Forum of Digital Ship).
  • Chair and secretary of Platform Broadband@Sea as independent representative of the consortium in contacts / leads for pre-competitive collective projects.
  • Marketing and in- & external communication (website, media contact).

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