Crew Comms web survey launched

Nautilus International has launched the most comprehensive survey ever undertaken on crew connectivity, to ensure that seafarers have the opportunity to shape the way shipping companies use technology onboard vessels.

In April this year, the Union launched a new campaign to encourage all ship owners to provide good quality connectivity to crew onboard ships and this survey aims to provide information about the issues that are most important to seafarers.

‘The first stage of our “Crew Comms” campaign is to find out what seafarers think about their current connection onboard and in ports and what they want to see in the future,’ said general secretary Mark Dickinson.

‘Some of the questions have been asked before, but this will be the first time that they are all in the same place and the results will allow Nautilus to monitor how the situation has changed in recent years.

‘It is vital that all members currently serving at sea take part in this survey, whether they believe they have excellent communications onboard or not, as good practice and bad can all help to inform our campaign and provide stepping stones for improvement to the lives of seafarers onboard.’

As well as ensuring that the voice of seafarers is heard within the connectivity at sea debate, every person who completes the survey which be entered into a draw to win one of five tablet computers — helping to ensure that more and more seafarers can get connected. Because of the in-depth nature of the questions, the survey will take about 10 minutes to complete but it is hoped that as many seafarers as possible respond so that Nautilus can ensure that we campaign around the issues that matter most to members.

To complete the survey visit