The Platform Broadband@Sea welcomes three new partners

As of April three new partners are welcomed by The Platform Broadband@Sea. Shipowner Misuga Holland, suppliers Global Navigation Solutions (GNS) and Wartsila SAM Electronics Netherlands,

Vessel control in the cloud

Merchant vessels have the Internet of Things in use to monitor their performance and condition. Satellite connections make it possible to review the information ashore.

Smart Shipping central topic meeting Broadband@Sea

On the 16th of March the first meeting in 2016 of the Platform Broadband@Sea took place at the office of Van Oord Ship Management in

Next meeting Platform Broadband@Sea on 16th of March

The Platform Broadband@Sea has scheduled the first meeting of 2016 on the 16th of March from 11.00 – 15.00 in the Netherlands. After the last

Peter Cortie, chairman platform Broadband@Sea, speaker Maritime CIO Forum

The Maritime CIO Forum, which took place at the 29th of September in Rotterdam, addressed the issues and trends that CIO’s face in an increasingly

The Maritime CIO Forum Rotterdam

Tuesday 29 September 2015 the Maritime CIO Forum will take place in the Hilton Hotel in Rotterdam. During the Maritime CIO Forum issues and trends

Peter Cortie new chairman Platform Broadband@Sea

On the 1st of September 2015, Peter Cortie, board member of Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT), was appointed as chairman of the Platform Broadband@Sea. The platform

Radio Holland extends VSAT Coverage above Northern Europe

Ship owners choosing the Northern Sea Route now have additional coverage from Kara Sea to Pacific Ocean. Radio Holland is the first provider who expanded

VOS and MPI at Offshore Energy 2015

Vroon Offshore Services and MPI will be participating in the Offshore Energy 2015 Exhibition, to be held in the Amsterdam RAI conference centre on Tuesday

Radio Holland signs four-year service agreement with Thome Ship Management

Radio Holland in Singapore has signed a Managed Service Agreement (MSA) with Thome Ship Management that will cover nine vessels for four years. Thome Ship