Peter Cortie new chairman Platform Broadband@Sea

On the 1st of September 2015, Peter Cortie, board member of Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT), was appointed as chairman of the Platform Broadband@Sea. The platform launched their new website as well.

New chairman and new website

Recently Peter Cortie was appointed as independent chairman of the Platform Broadband@Sea because of his expertise and his role as board member of NMT. Cortie; “With a background at Imtech Marine, Admarel en EPIXS4U B.V. I recognize the importance of exchanging knowledge and experiences between ship-owners and suppliers. Moreover, the subject of ‘broadband at sea’ becomes more and more important to ship-owners. Especially with the development in ship to shore interactions, such as condition based maintenance. NMT supports innovation and knowledge exchange, my role as a chairman for the Platform Broadband@Sea allows me to implement this.”

The new website was launched as well. On this website developments of both the platform and its members are shared.

Knowledge exchange in an informal setting

The need for transparency within the maritime broadband market is an important issue to a large number of shipping companies and maritime suppliers. Platform Broadband@Sea supports this transparency by bringing ship owners and suppliers together, promoting broadband usage on-board seagoing vessels and the start of new projects in this field.

The platform, which originated from a research on broadband solutions for seagoing vessels, was established in 2010. The members, 13 ship-owners and 11 suppliers, meet each other twice a year in an informal setting in which knowledge, experiences and market developments are interchanged between ship-owners and suppliers. Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT), the Dutch association of shipyards, maritime suppliers and service providers, facilitated the platform since the start.

More information

For more information on the platform please visit the new website Becoming a member is free for ship-owners, maritime suppliers pay a member fee with a minimum of €600,- per year (excl. VAT). For further information, please contact Sanne de Vleeschhouwer, Innovation Manager at Netherlands Maritime Technology, via T +31 (0)88 44 51 032 or E