Platform Broadband@Sea partners with Digital Ship

The subject of ship-to-shore interaction and the growing importance of data and communication is of great importance. Platform Broadband@Sea was invited to partner with Digital Ship for two main events in September; SMM Cyber Challenge Forum in Hamburg and The Maritime CIO Forum in Rotterdam.

Digital Ship provides news and information covering the deep sea commercial shipping sector, focusing on developments in information technology and communications. Moreover, they organise a global series of conferences in the world’s major shipping centres where industry stakeholders can meet to learn about and discuss technology developments and the issues and trends affecting the maritime IT sector.

SMM Cyber Challenge Forum

On the 8th of September, during the SMM Exhibition in Hamburg, Digital Ship will be hosting its 2nd dedicated Maritime Cyber Risk & Safety Forum. This expert forum will look at how the industry is reacting to the advent of increased cyber threats borne out of the growing use of cloud and IoT applications, the number of devices used, and larger ships but fewer crew – meaning even more reliance on automation and remote monitoring. The Forum will discuss what policies, guidelines and best practices are already in place, and how the industry can identify, quantify and mitigate cyber risk.


Maritime CIO Forum

The 3rd Maritime CIO Forum Rotterdam will take place on 29th of September. This year the focus is on The Future of iShipping and how to address and harness the opportunities, challenges and questions developments in technology are posing to our industry.

How are advances and new channels in satellite operations changing the face of communications, data usage and sharing? With increased data usage comes increased risk – so what are the right strategies for managing safety and security? And what is the impact of all of this on the people that really matter – our crew? Then bringing it all together – how are all of these innovations in the maritime cloud and the Internet of Things influencing The Future of iShipping?


Platform Broadband@Sea

The main goal of the Platform Broadband@Sea, in which 13 ship-owners based in the Netherlands and 12 suppliers participate, is to exchange knowledge and start projects in this field. The overall organisation and coordination of the Platform Broadband@Sea is done by Netherlands Maritime Technology, the Dutch association for shipyards, maritime suppliers and service providers.

Special offer

Members of the Platform Broadband@Sea and members of Netherlands Maritime Technology can benefit from a 30% discount when they mention ‘NMT’ in their registration for either one or both events. Ship-owners and operators can attend the conference(s) for free.