Platform Broadband@Sea welcomes three new members for 2017

This year started excellent for Platform Broadband@Sea. Suppliers OceanSat and KNL Networks, as well as event organiser Digital Ship joint the platform to share their knowledge and get in contact with the other partners.

OceanSat is a Dutch based company working in the maritime IT & communications industry in the inland, off-shore, merchant and yachting market. They offer in depth knowledge about VSAT, TVRO, 3G/LTE and Wi-Fi solutions for many of the known brands in the maritime industry.

KNL Networks’ communication system offers an alternative to satellite communication. Their system relies on short wave radio transmissions, allowing data to be transmitted over thousands of kilometres. The company is based in Finland and currently operating her systems on ocean fleets moving across the Atlantic and Pacific.

Digital Ship Events organises several events all over the world and aims to provide the visitors with the latest information about maritime satellite communications technology, software systems, navigation technology, computer networks, data management and TMSA. During the first event of 2017 (the Maritime Cyber Resilience Forum in Rotterdam). Peter Cortie, chairman of Platform Broadband@Sea, closed this event with an interesting panel discussion on cyber security in other industries.

The Platform Broadband@Sea

The subject of ship to shore interaction and the growing importance of data and communication is of great importance. The main goal of Platform Broadband@Sea is to exchange knowledge and start projects in this field. Meetings and publications ensure transparency in this process. Today, Platform Broadband@Sea consists of 13 ship-owners and 15 suppliers and can be considered as an integrated partnership of various organisations and acts as consortium. The overall organisation and coordination of Platform Broadband@Sea is done by Netherlands Maritime Technology, the Dutch association for shipyards, maritime suppliers and service providers.