Radio Holland extends VSAT Coverage above Northern Europe

Ship owners choosing the Northern Sea Route now have additional coverage from Kara Sea to Pacific Ocean.

Radio Holland is the first provider who expanded its Global Ku-band VSAT network with additional coverage above Northern Europe/Russia. Recently, the Yamal 402 Northern beam has been added to the Radio Holland Global VSAT Network.

With this extra beam Radio Holland offers improved coverage for its customers sailing from the Kara Sea to the Pacific Ocean. At this point of time, parts are free of ice for only two months per year. It is expected that the Northern Sea Route will be used as a new shipping route. Radio Holland  supports  customers with added coverage to their Global VSAT Network in the Norwegian-, Barents-, and Kara Sea.

The VSAT network of Radio Holland provides reliable communication connections for crew, captain and other users on board. The extension of Radio Holland’s VSAT coverage in combination with its portfolio of value added services offers ship owners the possibility for a total satellite communication solution. Radio Holland’s broadband communication solution utilizes the iDirect Evolution platform and includes Service Level Agreements, 24/7 Support and automatic beam switching.

Radio Holland is present at Offshore Europe (8-11 September, Aberdeen, stand no. 1E105 ) and presents its ship to shore communications portfolio there.

Profile Imtech Marine and Radio Holland

Radio Holland is the renowned worldwide NavCom, on board ICT and Service & Maintenance brand within the broad portfolio of Imtech Marine. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Radio Holland connects its customers to an unrivalled worldwide network of technical service expertise that helps customers run smarter, more profitable businesses with less down-time and lower operational expenditures.

Imtech Marine (headquarters in Rotterdam) is a leading company in the global maritime market, operating as a full-service provider and system integrator of tailor-made, innovative and sustainable technology solutions covering the whole ship. Imtech Marine specialises in automation (platform and engine room), navigation, communication and connectivity solutions, propulsion systems, power generation and distribution, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), ship motion control, information technology, entertainment and port services. Imtech Marine provides innovative systems and reliable maintenance services around the world during the full lifetime of the ship. The company employs approx. 2,400 staff at almost 100 offices in 30 countries, based along shipping routes and close to shipbuilding centres.