Smart Shipping central topic meeting Broadband@Sea

On the 16th of March the first meeting in 2016 of the Platform Broadband@Sea took place at the office of Van Oord Ship Management in Rotterdam. The nine ship-owners and eight suppliers, members of the Platform Broadband@Sea, discussed developments related to ICT and connectivity and shared their challenges and concerns in their fields of business.

Central topics in this meeting were related to Smart Shipping, as described in an article of Dr. Martin Stopford (Clarkson Research). This article focuses on the transport performance of the company/fleet as a whole, rather than a collection of individual ships, resulting in wide reaching improvements in transport productivity, safety, personnel development and logistics. The ship-owners within the platform expressed that more and more data is retrieved for both operations and equipment performance. However data as such does not automatically deliver useful information, necessary for decision making.

Another important topic is cyber security. The Platform members are aware of the risk of cyber criminals in harming their systems and disrupting operations. Therefore measures are taken to prevent major issues resulting from cyber incidents, both on board and on shore.

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