Smart Shipping & Cyber Security central in discussion

On July third 2019, the second Platform Broadband@Sea meeting was held at the premises of Wärtsilä in Drunen, the Netherlands. In this dynamic meeting two main subjects were central in the discussion: Smart Shipping and Cyber Security.

Teus van Beek and Chris van Weerden of Wärtsilä spoke about the smart marine vision of Wärtsilä. Furthermore, the introduced the way their company assists clients in voyage optimization. Their colleague, Fokke van der Kamp, showed the platform members a short demo of the Wärtsilä Data Collection Unit, a data collection system that allows for connection, collection and transfer to cloud platforms.

After the break the topic of Cyber Security was introduced by Najmeh Masoudi-Dionne, technology leader smart ships at Bureau Veritas. Her presentation was followed by an interesting discussion on roles and responsibilities in preventing cyber attacks from taking place.

During the meeting Peter Cortie, chairmen of the Platform Broadband@Sea announced he’s stepping back from his role as chairmen, since he is no longer active in the board of Netherlands Maritime Technology (the facilitator of the Platform Broadband@Sea) due to growth of his own company. A new chairmen will be appointed before 2020.