The Platform Broadband@Sea welcomes three new partners

As of April three new partners are welcomed by The Platform Broadband@Sea. Shipowner Misuga Holland, suppliers Global Navigation Solutions (GNS) and Wartsila SAM Electronics Netherlands, all located in the Dutch harbor city Rotterdam, join forces with the platform and other partners.

Misuga Holland was founded to strengthen the ship management business in the Atlantic region. The ship management company is located in Rotterdam and currently owns 16 vessels. The company aims to grow to 30 ships by the end of 2016. Worldwide Misuga Ship management owns 170 vessels, of different sizes and types. Also crew management and newbuilding supervision are a part of their services.

GNS is a distributor of charts, publications and digital products. Working with an unique aspect by invoicing their services once a year, for the entire fleet, based on historical data or chart usage makes the company efficient and practicable for their clients. Enhancing safety and increasing operational efficiency onboard and ashore are important features for GNS.

Wärtsilä SAM Electronics Netherlands is a certified On Boards Service (OSC) Partner of Thrane & Thrane. A wide spread portfolio of products and systems make their navigation, automation and communication products applicable to all types and sizes of vessels.

The Platform Broadband@Sea
The subject of ship to shore interaction and the growing importance of data and communication is of great importance. The main goal of the Platform Broadband@Sea is to exchange knowledge and start projects in this field. Meetings and publications ensure transparency in this process.